Junk Removal Metchosin

Haul a Day Junk Removal is Coming For Your Junk, Metchosin!

Metchosin Junk Removal

Needing junk removal in Metchosin? Haul a Day Junk Removal Victoria has got you covered!  A Veteran Owned Local Junk Removal Company that knows how to make your Junk disappear at a Fair Price. We would love to win your Business!

Metchosin is a small town with a big personality! This picturesque area is known for its rolling green hills, sprawling forests, close-knit community and stunning ocean views.

Residents of Metchosin are a eclectic bunch, with a mix of farmers, artists, and free-spirited nature enthusiasts (looking at you, Witty’s Lagoon).

Life moves at a slow pace here, where you’re more likely to see a herd of grazing goats than a line of traffic. If you’re looking for a place to unwind, disconnect, and embrace your inner hippie, then Metchosin is the place for you!

Just don’t forget to pack your tie-dye shirts and Birkenstocks. Kidding. I ♥ you, Metchosin.

Trust the Haul a Day Team for efficient and precise junk removal services in Colwood! We take all kinds of junk and do so with a smile. Unsure if we’ll touch your junk? Contact us to find out.

Don’t waste your time and energy or risk soiling your vehicle.  Call the best junk removal team in Metchosin!

Best Price

Guaranteed lowest price around

On Time Services

Military precision - always on time

No Damage

Careful Where We Step!

5 Star Reviews

Nothing But 5 Star Service From Us!

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Don't keep junk piling up in Metchosin!

Save the Environment

Proper disposal of junk can protect our landfills from unnecessary waste.

Junk Removal Metchosin - Always On Time

Trust in our junk removal team to be prompt, uniformed, polite and helpful. We'll be there in no time and leave before you know it!

Create Space

By removing that junk that's been piling up, you’ll have more room to work, live, and play in beautiful... Metchosin!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What areas of Metchosin do you offer junk removal in?

Anywhere! From East Sooke Park to Witty’s Lagoon and My-Chosen Cafe.. our junk removal Metchosin team is ready to serve you!

2. Can I just dispose of my junk around East Sooke Park?

So, that was you! Metchosin doesn’t appreciate tripping on junk in their parks or piling up along the street so it’s yours to properly dispose of. If you’d rather save yourself the stress, contact us to get rid of the mess.

3. Why should I use Haul a Day Junk Removal Metchosin over the others?

We’re proud to be a local business with local pricing and provide junk removal services with military precision. Being ex-Air Force, Pete sees to that!  If that’s not enough, trust in our 25 years in Saanich and the fact that we’re fully insured.

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Why is junk removal important in Metchosin?

Refer to the points here!
Save your time and your vehicle

Removing bulky, dirty junk yourself can mean alot of wasted time, a soiled vehicle and dirty Metchosin!

Save your back and health

Removing junk can be a heavy, sweaty and painful process. Let the experts do the job instead!

Save our landfills!

Through proper junk removal methods, we ensure that it is disposed of in the best way possible.

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Why Wait?! Get Peace of Mind Today.

Let us send your yard waste on a permanent Haul A Day!