Dumped & Found in the CRD

I thought this would be a good Blog discussion on what we see left on the boulevards, corners and back alleys of our 13 CRD Municipalities.   I did some research on the cost of illegal dumping in the CRD for example televisions, lamps, mattresses, drywall, and microwaves.  In 2012 the CRD region collected 650 tons of abandoned and illegally dumped Junk for the cost of 330,000 dollars.  Another travesty is people who dump their unusable gifts at Charities; these Organizations are struggling to help the less fortunate.   The costs to Charities are in the thousands of dollars for the trucking, tipping fees and cleanup. Last, but not least, is the impact on our environment and the ability for others to enjoy outdoor recreational areas.

People often make the mistake of leaving unwanted articles in front of their houses, hoping that someone will give it a new home.  As you know living in Victoria, it will rain and make that cabinet or TV worthless and there it sits, “as an orphan.”  I have observed on many occasions a couch left on a vacant lot, the next day a couple of mattresses and the next day after that a chair.  After a couple of weeks, you end up having a mini dump developing.  The problem with abandoned Junk it’s like graffiti, If you don’t deal with it right away…you get the picture!  Some Municipalities have tried to solve the problem by investigating who’s responsible and that takes a lot of time and money. The solution is that people understand that it is everyone’s responsibility to pitch-in and keep our CRD Region cleaner and safer for our environment.

If you don’t have a truck or the time, I highly recommend that you hire a reputable Rubbish Removal Company. These Businesses will give you a receipt and guarantee that your Junk will be properly disposed of safely to the dump and to designated Recycling Depots.  It is also important that the Company has proper liability insurance and be in current good standing with WCB.

Feel free to give Pete a call at 250 888-1221 or check us out online at www-hauladay.com

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