Electronics Recycling Victoria


Electronics Recycling Victoria

Ever think to yourself:  “How do I dispose of VHS tapes in Victoria BC?”

Whether it’s VHS tapes, vinyl, CDs, DVDs or any other electronics, let us know. We’ll either come pick it up and get it out of your hair or point you in the right direction on where to recycle electronics in Victoria here.

Trust the Haul A Day team for efficient and expert electronics recycling! We take all kinds of electronics. Sorry 8tracks, we loved you but you’re no match for streaming media.

Have you upgraded your television or computer? Did you put your old flat screens or laptops out on the curb only to find that your trash is gone but the electronics remain?

Don’t waste your time and energy or risk soiling your vehicle with electronic waste. Call Haul A Day instead!

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electronics recycling victoria

Don't keep old electronics cluttering your home!

Save the Environment

Proper electronics recycling can protect our landfills from unnecessary waste.

Electronics Can Be Recycled

Old electronics can certainly be recycled. Forget wasting time driving around town or trying again and again to get the CRD to pick them up. Give us a shout instead.

Create Space

By removing electronics eye sores, you’ll have more room to work, live, and relax in your home

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I dispose of electronics in Victoria?

Protect the environment and let the professionals at Haul a Day handle your electronics recycling needs in Victoria and surrounding areas.

2. Can I put my old electronics in the trash?

You can try, but it won’t get picked up by the CRD. Call us to properly recycle your electronics instead!

3. Why should I dispose of my electronics?

Why not?!  Old electronics laying around the home are not only an ugly eye-sore but a health hazard as well.

electronics recycling victoria

Why is electronics reycling important?

Refer to the points here!
Save your time and your vehicle

Removing bulky, heavy electronics yourself can mean alot of wasted time, and a soiled vehicle!

Save your back and health

Old electronics can be heavy, bulky and full of dust, dirt, and even insects. Let the experts do the job instead!

Save our landfills!

Through proper electronics recycling, we ensure that its properly disposed of!

electronics recycling victoria

Why Wait?! Get Peace of Mind Today.

Let us send your yard waste on a permanent Haul A Day!