Electronics Recycling Victoria


Electronics Recycling Victoria

Looking for electronics recycling in Victoria? Haul-A-Day’s got you covered!
Did you know that Hual-A-Day Recycles all electronics that we pick up? That’s right, even if they’re mixed in with other junk!

Electronics can leech toxins into the earth, polluting our beautiful waterways and affecting wildlife and the whole ecosystem. That’s why it’s important to recycle electronics properly!

Old electronics can also pose safety hazards such as short-circuiting and electrocution.

The best way is to call Haul A Day to remove and recycle your electronics safely and efficiently!

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We Recycle Any Kind of Electronics

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Don't keep old electronics cluttering your space because you dont know what to do with them!

Save the Environment

Proper recycling of electronics is important to protect our environment from harmful toxic waste.

Old Electronics can be Re-used

Many old electronics are filled with materials that can be recovered, recycled, and used over again.

Create Space

By removing unwanted items, like mattresses, you’ll have more room to work, live, and play in your home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Are Old Electronics So Hard to Get Rid Of?

Old electronics are hard to transport, hard to compact, take up lots of space, and can damage your home or yourself to remove. Most people dont know how to remove of them properly.

2. Can I leave My Old Electronics Next to the Dumpster?

You certainly can but then what? The CRD garbage collection will take it to the dump, where it wont be properly recycled. Old electronics can leach toxins into the earth, which then pollute our waterways. Proper recycling of old electronics is crucial to keeping our city clean and protecting our environment!

3. How To Get Rid of Old Electronics Near me?

Contact Haul A Day for expert junk removal, and the removal of all of your old electronics! We’ll see to it that they’re recycled properly!

Why is it important to recycle old electronics properly?

Refer to the points here!
They can harm our environment

Electronics that aren't recycled properly can leach toxins into the earth, which then can affect our waterways and the whole ecosystem.

Our electronics are filled with re-usable materials

Your old electronics are filled with materials like glass, gold, silver, copper and aluminum, that can be recovered, recycled, and used over again.

Save our landfills!

Through recycling, we save your old electronics from clogging up our landfills!

Why Wait?! Get Peace of Mind Today.

Let us send your old electronics on a permanent Haul A Day!